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Type of Wire Conductor
TASC Conductor Type: The flexibility of this standed conductor does not have many failings ; it has also improved on the bendability of the solid conductor. The tinned annealed copper has 7 identical strands (right Z) -

Switch Operating Temperature Symbol
An operating temperature of switches is represented by the lower temperature value preceding the letter of "T", and the higher temperature value is following the letter "T" which that switch operates.

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Push Button Switches(1)
Push Button Switches(1)

ST Technology is a leading supplier of this series of push button switches, to view more our fine push button switches, and inquiry to us now.

Push Button Switches(2)
Push Button Switches(2)

We supply all kinds of R/A switches which is high quality at lowest price.

Push Button Switches(3)
Push Button Switches(3)

We provide various kinds of high current push button switches which is high quality at lowest price.

Tact Switch
Tact Switch

A complete range of tact switches from ST Technology, guarantee high reliability and fast delivery.

Rocker Switches
Rocker Switches

Wide range of Rocker Switches from ST Technology, high reliability at the low price.

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