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Type of Wire Conductor
TASC Conductor Type: The flexibility of this standed conductor does not have many failings ; it has also improved on the bendability of the solid conductor. The tinned annealed copper has 7 identical strands (right Z) -

Switch Operating Temperature Symbol
An operating temperature of switches is represented by the lower temperature value preceding the letter of "T", and the higher temperature value is following the letter "T" which that switch operates.

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About us
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ST Technology Asia Sdn Bhd (Formerly known as ST Technology) was founded in Year 2013 which have more than 10 years experience of supply parts in the electronic industrial.

ST Technology Asia serves as a one of the leading sales channel partner to help our partner (verified manufacturer) drive growth and alleviate their business task by extending the capabilities to fulfill customer requirements. Our expertise is in providing the scalability services to meet the customer requirements and prevent profiteering from the point of origin to point of consumption with assuring the high quality delivered. An innovative services capabilities always find us become a perfect strategic partner for our clients and have been widely recognized, and we have adequate ability to meet the global business demand and requirements, currently our business is expanding to numerous corners of globe, which are China, Japan, Germany, UK, India and Thailand.

Our cables products and interconnect components essentially appropriate and compatible with most telecommunications devices, computers and some home appliance products around the world. Our high quality and lower prices even short lead time service is the main factor for our success and breadth of the market.

Our Mission
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Our mission is to satisfy the customer requirements by providing a scalability service and outstanding technical support through the high quality products in terms of costing.

To be a strategic partner, we able implement below of services

Integrity Communication:
For obviate the waste of time and achieve the highest efficiency, we take immediate response and right reaction to the customer enquires all the time.

To understanding customer needs to provide the precise services, quality and technical supports

Obviate profiteering, low level of price with price stability to ensure customer business growth smoothly.

Our stability quality and reliable products help

Lead time:
We may provide frequently deliveries, to reduce customer's inventory. Just in time delivery implemented to customer stability demand and project usage requirement with forecast sharing.

Provide safe components with ROHS Compliant.

Information of Design
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We provided basic and summary of important details as well as knowledge for our products, which will enable engineers to understand the basics easily for design purpose.

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