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Coil Cord Conductor I
Since the coiled cord is retractile, long-term compress and stretch is always rather damaged the conductor or open circuit on conductor. Therefore, the high strength polyester fibres are used in conductor reinforcements for produce the coiled cord.

Metric to AWG Wire Size Table
Table that provided the closest equivalent size between metric and American wire sizes. For Europe, the wire sizes are expressed in cross sectional area which in unit mm² , as well as the number of strands of wires of a diameter which in unit of mm.

What is CCA Copper Clad Aluminium
CCA – Copper Clad Aluminium, due to market demand on low cost wire conductor without major effect to its conductivity, the CCA conductor is adequate to accomplish the applications which do not have particular requirement of higher conductivity or higher transmission performance.

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Type of Wire Conductor
TASC Conductor Type: The flexibility of this standed conductor does not have many failings ; it has also improved on the bendability of the solid conductor. The tinned annealed copper has 7 identical strands (right Z) -

Switch Operating Temperature Symbol
An operating temperature of switches is represented by the lower temperature value preceding the letter of "T", and the higher temperature value is following the letter "T" which that switch operates.

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What is Bare Copper (Date: 2014-01-06)

Bare Copper in wire industry means pure copper, the contents of copper greater than 99%, it has very high electrical conductivity. For commercial purpose, there are bare copper clad copper conductors (copper with bare copper plating) in the market, the copper from here means copper alloy which mixed with other compounds and it is impure copper. Cut view is an easy method to distinguish between Solid bare copper and “Bare copper clad copper conductor”, please refer below picture, the yellow color copper alloy between the red color of bare copper, and it is more harden than solid bare copper conductor.

bare copper clad copper
Cut view of Bare copper clad copper


solid bare copper
Cut view of Solid bare copper


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